Tuesday, 26 June 2012

So far, this is the oldest I've ever been

Good morning all. Another year has gone and today is my birthday. The big 24. The mid twenties, it's all down hill from here (yeah right), 6 years until the big 3-0 and all that jazz. 

Now that I'm a responsible adult I've taken the day off work to do something sensible and grown up.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour! 

I'm such a child. 


I've been a massive fan of HP since I read the first book at age 11 (you know now how long ago that was) so it was fitting to go to the studio tour for my birthday.

My bf, Claire, Emma (bf's sis) and myself will be on a train in a few short hours playing flux and HP russian roulette (I've got Bertie Botts!). I can't wait. I'm taking my good camera and will be taking LOADS of photos. I've painted my nails in preparation and will be wearing my Harry Potter t-shirt that I painted myself (pics to come tomorrow). Excite!

Since I'm now 24 (25 next, eek), I've decided to make a 25 before 25 list. I do love my lists. I would show it to you but it's only 11 before 25 at the moment. Any suggestions? 

I'd better go get ready anyway, lots to do. It's actually sunny here - it's never rained on my birthday so hopefully this won't be the year even though it's been looking that way! Hope you all have a great day, I know I will :) 


  1. Happy birthday!
    Love that place, hope you have an amazing time! x

  2. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day at the HP studio! Xo