Sunday, 13 May 2012

My week: 19

Another week gone. This was the weekend of 2 vintage fairs! I've never done that before. Hard core.

Image copy 2
Image copy-1
*I finally finished the illustration for my banner. I was only doing it during my lunch breaks on a sketchbook ap on my iPad. What do you think?
*How cute are these magazine racks? I need to get one once I move. Saw these at the Vintage Village fair in Stockport at the stall across from mine. 
*Little doodles while I work. I just can't help it. Oh and that's a teacup saying drink me, it's hard to tell!
*The stand in the same room as me at the Chorlton Craft and Vintage fair. Jewellery by the lovely Michelle. 
*Axl using his scratching post as a head rubber. He was really going to town!
My clothes rail at the Chorlton fair.
*Slingshot shoe. Another treasure from my shoe a day calendar. 
*This picture really doesn't do justice to how pretty the sky was last night.

Another week at work same old, but something different I did this week was do 2 fairs. So it's safe to say I'm pretty tired. It was my first time at the Chorlton fair but I'm definitely going back. Not only did I sell a lot but I really liked the vibe of the place. Plus, wasn't the weather gorgeous this weekend? At least it was up here in Manchester. 

The Vintage Village was a good one as well even though I was very late! But I can proudly say I set up very quickly by myself. I also found out that Woy my car really doesn't like steep steep hills! He's ok and so am I now, ha ha. 

Now I'm going to take a break and just chill for the remainder of the evening (like an hour before I have to go to bed!)


  1. Bahh, I was sad to miss VV this week! You'll have to link me to the Chorlton one though, it sounds like a cracker! XO.

  2. I'm going back to the Chorlton one next month. There should be a link to it in the summary in italics. If it doesn't work, I can DM you on twitter. :) x