Monday, 1 December 2014

365 Project: November edition

1st: New haircut, 2nd: Mulled wine, 3rd: Grumpy on a train, 4th: My desk at work,
5th: Multicolour pasta, 6th: 6am Starbucks, 7th: Leaving do at work, 8th: Packing,
9th: More packing, 10th: I can now safely install and uninstall a washing machine, 11th: New house! 12th: Sofa wouldn't fit...we had to take the window out of the pane!
13th: Topher's mum got another kitten, say hi to Gizmo, 14th: Wall mural, 15th: Xmas markets, 16th: Christening outfit,
17th: Necklace, 18th: Managed to scratch my car :( 19th: It scares me that this Twilight lorry is driving around, 20th: Treats and trees are the same right?,
21st: Bloggers snail mail gift, 22nd: Awesome cocktail, 23rd: Someone bumped into my parked car and drove off. People suck. 24th, Jewellery,
25th: Healthy eating, 26th: Public transport is a funny thing, 27th: Cards. 28th: Jewellery
29th: Friends came over to see the new house and play cards against humanity. So funny! 30th: Sticky toffee latte at Costa.

How was your month?

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