Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The final practise walk


I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but when it comes to thinking about doing the London to Brighton Trek in less than two weeks time, I'm officially bricking it! 

The show must go on however, we're almost at our target and have been training as much as we can - the last big practise walk being last weekend. (Blognix this weekend woo!)


It was a beautiful day, though slightly too beautiful to be honest. In terms of how hot it was. Let's just say we sweated buckets! I want it to be overcast on the day of the trek - not too hot or too cold. I'll just keep praying shall I?

This sloth/tree made our day!


I love this walk so much - it's such a pretty route. We get to see a lake, a river, green fields, a bit of woodland and a golf course. Not to mention all the little rabbits we see. So cute!





Almost stood on this little guy. He was creeping along the footpath trying to remain unseen - thank goodness he's such a contrast to the mud otherwise it would not have been pretty!


They seem to like their trains in Peterborough from what I've seen so far. This one just appears to go back and forth somewhere. Will have to give Railworld a visit!

How did you enjoy the weekend weather?


  1. Go girl! Dyou do london to brighton in one go or over a few days? These are all beaut too! I've had a dog for about a year and walking him has given me the oppourtunity to discover so many awesome locations!

    1. You get 30 hours to do it which includes overnight (no sleeping!) Walking is awesome isn't it? I probably won't be saying that after this weekend, ha ha :) x