Friday, 10 January 2014

Vintage Kilo Haul

I’ve already shown off my black skirt I found at the vintage kilo sale I went to last month, but I finally managed to get some photos of the rest of my haul.


I don’t know what it is about this jumper but it just reminds me of childhood. Growing up in the 90s and all the dresses and jumpers I used to wear like this. Love it.


An old lady feeding farm birds design is a bit of an odd thing but I totally fell in love with this weird little jumper.


This dress, though not a stunner in the photograph or particularly in person either is one of those that look lovely on. It is pretty long though, far too long for my 5”6 frame. So I’ll have to give it a little chop and quickly wiz it through a sewing machine before I can wear it. Just below the knee will be perfect. I’m in love with the shape so I can’t wait.



Over the years I’ve learned not to judge a piece of clothing based on how it looks on the hanger. This button down dress is definitely one that lacks much appeal with its shapeless old lady shift style. Usually this kind of shape is bad news for my figure – but when I put it on with a belt it looks awesome and I love the print. Definitely one to save for summer though.



 There weren’t many accessories left by the time I arrived at the kilo sale but I spotted this bag on the floor next to a bunch of converse shoes. The organisers had tied all the shoes together with their laces along with this bag. Other people didn’t seem to want to go through the effort to get it untied. But not me, I took one look at it and sat myself down on the floor to get it free. Definitely worth it – look at all those compartments! And I can fit my iPad in it.

Have you ever been to a vintage kilo sale?


  1. Hello! I've never been to a vintage kilo sale, or even heard of one before I read this, but your haul is great! I love the blue dress!

    1. Hello! I've only been to a couple but I love them. If you ever go, get there early and take advantage of light items like shirts and day dresses - you get so much more for your kilo that way! :) x

  2. Ooh the colour of that blue dress is just gorgeous!