Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Top picks #1

That's right, new year new list. I thought I'd better start again at #1. Take a look at what's caught my eye this week:


My love of jumpers definitely hasn't dwindled in the last few months - completely the opposite in fact. Plus, I do love a good peter pan collar. This Oasis jumper would look great tucked into my black vintage skirt.  And how cute is this connect the dots bunny t-shirt? This would be a pretty decent addition to my wardrobe zoo. I like unusual prints and this connect the dots one is something I haven’t seen before. Also, not a bad price for Topshop.

My pj collection is another part of my wardrobe that has grown recently. I love the scalloped detail on these Topshop ones. And the print is really sweet. I am definitely looking to expand my collection. Come on pay day.

Now I know what you're thinking - sandals, really? It's still January and it's definitely still raining outside. I have to agree with you but I've been let down too many times in summer when there's no sandals left in the shops. The exact same thing with swimsuits. Sort it out UK high street! I understand that you put the seasonal stuff in super early for a reason, but learn to repeat stuff to arrive in when it's actually needed as well. 

Anyway, retail buying rant over. Next, I'm loving this retro champagne bottle print dress from Modcloth. I think it’s probably a rule that you should have a cocktail in your hand while wearing this. As usual with Modcloth, I'll just ignore the price...

 Finally, I don't know what to do. I’ve been uming and ahing over this New Look polka dot shirt every time I visit a store. I like it but I just haven’t taken the plunge and bought it yet. It would definitely fit into my wardrobe as I do rock a lot of polka dots (totally quoted New Girl there). Maybe next pay day.

What's in your imaginary shopping basket?

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