Sunday, 2 December 2012

My week: 31

I can't believe it's only December now. It feels like Christmas has been going on for ages. I blame my facebook feed for bragging about finishing their shopping weeks ago. Personally, now that it's December it's officially Christmas season. Let the fun begin!

Image copy-3
*Experimenting with my new laminator!
*I love this laminator far too much.
*Getting caught up on tv (Choccywoccydooda - yes this cake is made of chocolate)
*A clockwork orange - one of the bf's films
*Laminated necklace
*Mince pie - my first of the actual xmas season
*Chocolate orange cupcake
*Did a craft/gift fair in Wigan today

So if you follow me on twitter then you may know about the challenge that me and the bf decided to where we basically watch each other's films. He's a horror film fanatic and I'm a scaredy cat who like's Fred Astaire films....this should be interesting. We're watching them in alphabetical order and are still on the A's at the moment. This week I watched all 4 Alien films. I liked the second one best and was not a fan of the fourth one at all. I got him back with my Audrey Hepburn films though. Ha ha. We were thinking since it's quite a funny challenge, we might record the experience on a blog. What do you think?

How was your week?

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  1. love that idea, always like to read a film review. Would love a cupcake right now!