Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Food is my drug PART 2

Continuing on from Part 1, here is what the bf and I ate and drank on day 2 of our adventure to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. First stop, the Caribbean!

DSC06272 - Version 2
Ropa Vieja (slowly braised beef) and white rice

Was alrighty.


Grilled Ribeye Taco

I enjoyed but was not so keen on the spicy kick as I am a wimp.


Taste of Scandinavia - Shrimp salad, cured salmon and herring

Another dish we may have scarfed down a bit before remembering to take a photo. Which is why the herring is nowhere to be seen...


Pot Stickers and Caramel and Ginger Ice cream

As I cannot eat the creatures that go oink, the bf sampled the pot stickers which meant the ice cream was all mine! It was amazing! There were actual bits of ginger in it. Good thing the China pavilion at Epcot seems to always sell this as I will be going back for more in the future.

South Korea

Boolgogi BBQ beef with steamed rice and kimchi

I have to say that this was my least favourite food out of everything we tasted. The beef and rice was good, but the kimchi (cabbage) let it down for me. I'm not a cabbage fan generally but the sauce wasn't to my taste.

South Africa

DSC06309 - Version 2
Seared filet of beef with smashed sweet potatoes and braai sauce

This beef was so incredibly cooked it was amazing! The sauce and sweet potatoes was really interesting too.


DSC06311 - Version 2
Nuernberger sausage in a pretzel roll and goulash soup

To my joy, the goulash was beef only so I had that while the bf had the sausage. What is it with boys and these? I enjoyed the goulash anyway :)


DSC06315 - Version 2
Cannoli al Cioccolato

Biscuit, chocolate and sweet ricotta cheese, that's all you need to know. These bad boys were so incredible, we went back two more times to get more. I am craving one so bad right now!


Kielbasa and Potato Pierogie with caramelised onions and sour cream

Another pig fest but the potato thing was nom.

South Korea again

Raspberry Wine

My faith in South Korean cuisine was restored with this little glass of wine. I have never tasted any wine that is as nice. Even the bf who isn't really a fan of wine kept stealing it off me. You could clearly taste the raspberry. Delicious!

That's all we had on day two, but stay tuned for the final short and sweet Part 3.

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