Monday, 24 November 2014

#Bloggers Snail Mail round 2


Since I had so much fun on the last Bloggers Snail Mail round by Gemma at Lipstick and Lashes, I put myself forward for round two. Funnily enough, it saw me paired with another Rachel - this time a little bit closer to home. I bet you can't guess where she's from! She's a fairly new blogger so check out her awesome blog: Rachel Brennan Life .


So with us both being rushed off our feet, with her just having relocated and me about to myself, I don't think we did too badly with the emailing back and forth. At least we both knew what the other was going through!


At the end of the month or so of emailing, you have to send your partner a present. Hope you liked yours Rachel! She sent me a package full of Irish treats that was very well received. Topher couldn't wait for me to open the lollypops. And the bear has been named Clive. Now any ideas where I should pin this friendship pin? Thanks Rachel for being an awesome partner and I loved the gifts!

If you want to participate, Gemma at Lipstick and Lashes does a few of these Bloggers Snail Mails during the year so check out her blog. I definitely recommend it!

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