Monday, 15 September 2014



One fine day (or slightly drizzly day) while we were down in Exeter, Topher and Emma's grandparents took us to Dartmoor. 

Emma and Luther

Topher and I

After the obligatory couple tourist shots, we decided to have a bit of childish fun. I've always been a fan of attempting to photograph movement - I even did an entire project about it during college where my friends happily volunteered to jump up and down for me - so I took the opportunity to get my friends to lunge at me wildly. 

Topher, the bird without wings

Luther the victim of a zombie chase. 

Emma the happy skipper. 

Not to be left out, I handed the camera to Emma...


I call this my crazy lady pulled  off stage pose - the only thing missing is the hook am I right? I think Topher and Emma's granddad definitely agrees!


After the childish antics (or in between I should say, we stopped to admire our surroundings. How gorgeous are these colours?


Aaand back to the childishness. I love this photo I took of Topher. We were trying to get a jumping shot but didn't notice the old ladies approaching. When I spotted them I told Topher to jump quickly and that is most likely why he has a look of terror on his face. Though I like to call this photo "man terrified of grannies". 

This hobbit looks completely at home doesn't he?

Then we visited Widecombe where I got this lovely shot of Topher and Emma's grandma using a banana like a gun. Classic!


 Not to mention my rather terrifying face while pretending to eat this giant ice cream. Mine! Not very flattering at all and that therefore proves that I have no shame in showing this to you!

Finally, we headed back to Dartmoor where we proceeded to have the coldest picnic ever. How very British of us! 

Considering I'm not much of an outdoor person, I had a great day! Are you a fan of the great outdoors?

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