Friday, 27 December 2013

All I got for Christmas: Present time!

I'm officially a happy bunny. 

Clockwise: H&M Cat dress, Forever 21 T-rex jumper, Boux Avenue Penguin pjs and tartan pjs, H&M teal jumper.

My cat addiction is certainly being fuelled this year (as well as my jumper one). I did pick out all these clothing bits myself, but the great thing about that is you know you'll like it and it will definitely fit. I love each and everyone of these. I'm already practically living in those tartan pjs. 

Clockwise: Nina Ricci perfume "Ricci Ricci", New Girl DVD, Hobbit calendar, Bill Bailey DVD, 3 books including Mindy Kaling's "Is everyone hanging out without me?", Chocolate coins, Paperchase Leather Organiser, Cat book "I could pee on this".

 2014 is when I'm going to get organised and this gorgeous leather organiser is going to help me along the way. I do use my electronic calendar on my Macbook but sometimes things are more fun the old fashioned way. 

I love the scent of Ricci Ricci and was really happy to have a new bottle. My old one was running dangerously low. There are definitely some perks to having parents who spend a lot of time going through the duty free! 

Christmas for the past few years is always a time when my book and DVD collection grows and this year was no exception. I've already started reading Mindy Kaling's book which so far has been a good laugh and I may have watched all the extra features on my New Girl DVD. I'm a sucker for a bonus feature.

The only thing that I got for Christmas not pictured above is my brand new size 12 jeggings. It's been 5 years since I could fit into a 12 and I was jumping for joy when I discovered these fit. 

Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins, Jumper: Vintage

The jumper is one of my vintage kilo sale finds. I think another one I found in the giant bins? I don't really remember, it's all a tacky christmas jumper blur now (we got there kind of late and the majority of things left were those). 

Thanks so much to my family and friends for all of these! And thanks for the vouchers that I have yet to spend - can't wait. I'm so lucky :)

What did you get for Christmas? Anything nice?

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