Thursday, 12 July 2012

Outfit Post: Hello Sailor!

Rather than jumping straight into a catch-up post, I have decided to ease you in with an outfit post. Which I have to add is my first outfit post on my new (yes I'm still calling it new) camera!

I'm currently on holiday in Jordan visiting my family so I have to dress modestly and yet still keep cool as it is friggin hot here!








Blouse: Love culture - bought in USA
Maxi skirt: Next
Belt: My mum's (I always forget something when I pack!)
Earrings: Forever 21

I am in love with this blouse. I bought it while I was in Florida earlier this year. It's perfect for just throwing on with skinny jeans or tucking into a skirt. Plus the print is so kitsch. Now that it's gotten warmer, I dress it up for work. This maxi skirt is also a work and casual staple for me. I had been wanting to find a pleated maxi skirt for so long and this one is even more versatile since it has the shorter skirt underneath. The best thing about it is that the under skirt isn't too short for me. The majority of the maxi's I've seen in this style have a ridiculously short underskirt which isn't my cup of tea at all. 

As for my nails, I actually did them the night before we flew over here. I couldn't decide on spots or stripes so I did a little of both. It turned out pretty well - especially the stripes. This colour is such a nice shade. You can't really tell in the photo but it's like a champagne colour. And even better for my impatient nature with nails - it dried in an instant. I really need to start writing down the nail polishes I use when I do these posts. I left this bottle at home I think, so if you happen to be curious what shade it is, I will gladly tell you when I return to England. 

Anyway, there's plenty of fun posts coming up as I've been having quite the vintage adventure while I've been here in Amman. Plus I'll have to do a quick catch-up in photos as well. 

How has the past couple of weeks been for you?


  1. Stunning outfit! I love your nails, they look so great!

  2. Very cute, love your nails xx

  3. Looking fab misses! I love your skirt and earrings. Hope youre having a great time in Jordan xo

    1. Thanks! I definitely am - though I am reaching my melting point here! So hot! :) x