Monday, 26 January 2015

What I've read lately

Now that my commute has been reduced to a mere 10 minutes, my reading has been abandoned for the time being. I did get plenty of reading in during Christmas though.


Yes I know this has been all over the internet but I finally picked up a copy in November. I'd read that people powered through the book in one or two sittings but I wanted to make it last a bit longer so I rationed it over about a week. I had planned on saving it for my holiday but I couldn't help but pick it up one evening and I finished just before I left.

I enjoyed Sophia's back story and loved that she worked her ass off to get to where she is today. Though I feel the section where she says what she looks for in her ideal employee wasn't needed, I enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who wants to be their own Girlboss.

I'm a big fan of the Shopaholic series but I have to admit this one left something to be desired. First of all, it ends on a cliffhanger which is a first for this series and a fact I really wish I knew before hand as I have no idea when the next book is out. Very annoying. 

And as for the character of Becky, I really feel like it was a caricature of her former self. Becky Bloomwood is to be honest a bit of a ditz, but a loveable ditz who you want to get a happy ending. Shopaholic to the Stars loses the loveable and amps up the ditz. She was selfish, childish and I really understood everyone for being mad at her. I was pretty disappointed to see a hilarious character be turned into something so cliche.  

It's not a complete loss though as there are some pretty funny moments that made me laugh like I used to with the series so fingers crossed Sophie Kinsella sorts it out in the sequel.


I've recently become a fan of historical fiction, particularly stories of people travelling to some new exciting country. The Dressmaker tells the story of Tess, a maid from England who dreams of travelling to America to become - you guessed it, a dressmaker. So she ends up becoming the maid for Lucille Duff Gordon, the fashion designer travelling on the Titanic. 

Surprisingly, this book deals with more of the aftermath of the Titanic, rather then the journey/iceberg/sinking etc. Mainly on the inquiries that occur into what caused the sinking, why the lifeboats weren't completely filled etc which lands Tess in the middle due to the Duff Gordon's place in the situation. 

Though only part of it was based on fact, I found the both the fiction and non fiction sides fascinating and really enjoyed reading it. My only problem is finding something similar. Recommendations anyone?

What have you read recently?

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