Saturday, 4 October 2014

365 Project: September Edition

 1st: Sunset part 1, 2nd: Sunset part 2, 3rd: Unusual pencil sharpener, 4th: Llama biscuit.
5th: Converse, 6th: Books, 7th: Be yourself, 8th: Sunset part 3.
9th:Fleeting first class train life, 10th: Silly texts part 1, 11th, Silly texts part 2, 12th: Assassin's Creed-esque man with face tattoos.
13th: Disney holiday dreams, 14th: Quote, 15th: Special parking, 16th: Fog.
17th: Derp, 18th: Flower power, 19th: Graffiti, 20th: Motivation.
21st: Classic Car boot London, 22nd: Jewellery, 23rd: Beginnings of the worst cheesecake ever, 24th: Fat ring, thin ring.
25th: Jewellery, 26th: Operation Raccoon is a go! 27th: Cat selling fruit on our road, 28th: It's upgrade time,
29th: Chocolate truffle tart, 30th: Traffic.

I have to admit that this month was a difficult one. I didn't do much at all. Be prepared for a lot of work and home shots. As of the end of September, I now drive 2 hours to work. Just looking for the light at the end of the tunnel which should be visible by the end of next week. Come on operation raccoon! Don't ask, Topher named it. 

How was your month?

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